SDMG Entered the International Ultra-low Temperature Refrigerated Cargo Field

An Important Achievement of SDMG Delegation's Visit to Japan in 2019

On April 30, Shandong Shipping Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SDMG, signed a contract via video with Kyokuyo Shipyard Corp. and ITOCHU Corporation to invest in the construction of a 178,000 CF type refrigerated cargo vessel. This marks that SDMG has officially entered the international ultra-low temperature refrigerated cargo field.

The ultra-low temperature refrigerated cargo vessel project is a key project for SDMG to promote the high-quality development of modern marine fishery. As an important achievement of SDMG delegation's visit to Japan in 2019, this project is a major step taken by SDMG to deepen its participation in the establishment of the China-Japan-South Korea FTA.

The reporter learned that ocean backhaul is an important link of the tuna operation cold chain. In the past, the capacity of domestic tuna ultra-low temperature refrigerated cargo vessels was insufficient, and the tuna caught by fishing boats were transported back to China mainly by containers or by leasing foreign refrigerated cargo vessels. Difficulties in leasing, high freight charge, unstable shipping schedule, long backhaul cycle and slow capital turnover seriously restricted the normal production of fishing fleets.

The ultra-low temperature refrigerated cargo vessel is a kind of specially customized refrigerated transport vessel. Compared with general refrigerated cargo vessels, it can provide a cargo compartment temperature of -55 ℃~60 ℃, thus significantly improving the freshness of goods. The vessel is mainly used for the refrigerated transport and offshore processing of tuna and other high-end ocean catches, which can effectively meet the requirements of long-distance, large-scale and low-cost transport of such goods. Investing in the building of such a vessel is new in China.