Dry bulk shipping

Our fleet consists of a  variety of VLOC, Capesize,Panamax and Handymax dry bulk vessels, the scale of which ranks the forefront in China.We are able to meet different needs of customers with one of the most professional dry bulk fleets in China.

We provide customers with  worldwide shipping services of iron ,coal,grain and other bulk cargos.Our shipping routes connect exceeding 1000 ports in more than 100 countries and regions.

Liquid bulk bargo transport

We set up the first dedicated  VLGC  Management team in China.Our fleet  scale reaches 12 vessels which ranks the first in China and among the top in the world .

We  entered the petroleum transport market and invested in two medium range petroleum tankers, namely MV “Shandong Wei He”and MV “Shangdong Zi He”. The two vessels have both passed inspections of large  intemational oilers.

ShanDong shipping alliance

Initiated and established by SDSC, Shandong Shipping Alliance (SSA) aims to forge a joint operation platform to gather the vessels\cargo resources\funds\management and other elements of shipping industry.

SSA endeavours to facilitate the optimal configuration of resources among alliance members, to reinforce the cost control, to enhance the market bargaining porwer  and risk resistance capacity and thus to maximize the benefits gained from efficient operation of vessels and integrated management. SSA' s scope of business involeves shipping transportation, ship management, shipping finance and capital management,etc.

SSA successfully estblishes strategic cooperation relation relationships with a number of well-konw shipping companies, financial institutions and major mining companies, and gains high brand awareness and good business reputation.

Ship management and crew manning

The company has the COC certificates in line with ISM and NSM Rules,covering three vessel types and five kinds of the flag issued by China Maritime Safety Administration and CCS.

The company is authorized to provide the crews' service assignment,so we are capable to supply the assistant services for Chinese vessels operated on international and domestic lines as Hong Kong,Macau,Taiwan and foreign registered ships.We are also fully qualified to serve various types of ships including containers,bulk,Ro-Ro,cruise,passenger and general cargo ship,etc,with our professional formed crew.

International trade

Taking advantage of the abundant resources in the dry bulk cargo field and energy sector,the company is rapidly developing the import business of staple commodities including iron ores,soybeans, coal,nonferrous metals,plastics,rubber,LNG and LPG,etc.Through vigorous investment,the company aims to efficiently international trade and logistics,realizing benign interactions with the major businesses.

The company takes advantage of the abundant upstream and downstream resources in the marine industry to steadily develop the international trade of marine products,meat,fruit and other fresh products,the company seeks to exploit the “Internet+”industrial model.and to create the industrial chain operating platform of cold chain logistics and trade.

Marine engineering equipment

Though the introduction of marine engineering experts and outstanding professionals of the National 1,000 Talents Plan,the company set up an efficient international management team,and with the project of High Performance Marine Drilling Platform as its starting point,it aims to build a high-end intemational ocean drilling company.

The company aims to provide integrated services of product development,design,manufacturing and sales for sectors of oil and gas chemical engineering,food,desalination and marine engineering construction.

To carry import and export of marine equipment and international leasing business.